samedi 25 janvier 2020

Here are some recipes that I invented and whose practical demonstration was shown during a  masterclass (it was filmed and it will be podcasted) at the Cordon bleu Paris:


Savory :
1. Put an egg white in a vessel
2. Whip oil that you add slowly, as for making a mayonnaise
3. Add (for example) mushrooms cooked with parsley, garlic, ground.
4. Season

Sweet :
1. For example, macerate (some days) vanilla with a good olive oil.
2. Then put an egg white in a vessel, a pinch of salt
3. Add slowly the vanilled oil while whipping, as for a mayonnaise
4. Dissolve sugar while whipping
This sweet emulsion can be served with slices of pineapple that were cooked in butter with sugar, and with financiers.

For the liebigs, the idea is to make a physically gelled emulsion:
1. Start from 100 g of a flavourful liquid (beetroot juice, orange juice, etc.)
2. Add 10 g  of soaked gelatine
3. Put to the boil, in order to dissolve the gelatine
4. Add a flavourflul oil while whipping, as for making a  sauce mayonnaise
5. Pour in a flat vessel on an oiled film, and let it set in the cold.

For a vanilla gibbs (dessert)
1. In a vessel, put an egg white
2.  Add olive oil slowly while whipping
3. When a creamy preparation is obtained, add sugar and vanilla extract, some salt and chili.
4. Pour in cups, half of them, and cook in the microwave oven, full power, until a 1/4 expansion is obtained.

For a brown butter gibbs :
1. In a pan, put  200 g butter.
2. Heat slowly: the butter melts before it crepitates
3. Before it becomes black, stop heating, and let it cook.
4. In a vessel, pour two spoons of egg white powder.
5. Add 3 spoons of water, one fourht of cup of citric acid, salt, pepper.
6. Add the brown butter while whipping, as for a mayonnaise.
7. Pour in cups, and cook in the microwave as for the previous gibbs.

1. Give some flavour to 100 g oil by macerating a ground product (carrots, basil, coffee, leeks...)
3. Put to the boil a liquid (the one you want) with agar-agar (24 g of agar-agar per litre).
4. Cool until gelled.
5. Mix the gel into oil.

Chaptals and vauquelins
 For the chaptals :
1. Put an egg white in a large vessel
2. Whip
3. When the foam is firm, add a spoon sugar
4. Whip until no sugar crystal can be see.
5. Add a spoon of a liquid (for example, apple juice)
6. Whip until the foam is firm.
7. Repeat the 3, 4, 5, 6 until you get a very large quantity of foam.

Vauquelins are obtained from chaptals as follows:
1. Take some of chaptal and put it in cups
2. Cook in the microwave oven (full energy) until expansion ; serve.

1. In a pan, put   200 g  orange juice with 50 g sugar
2. Dissolve 5 g  previously soaked gelatine.
3.Whip for a long time until a large quantity of foam is obtained
4. Put the foal in the fridge.

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