mardi 20 septembre 2022

Flavour and flavourings

During the final of the last note to note cooking contest, I saw the confusion between flavour and flavouring.

They are not at all the same thing, because the first word refers to taste, while the second applies to preparations used to give taste.
When we eat a banana, we taste a banana, but when we add to a yogurt a product that gives a strawberry taste, it is a flavouring agent that is used, and that formulates sapid, odorous compounds, with trigeminal action, etc. In short, preparations that give taste to what is added.

In English, the word flavouring is quite different from the word flavour. And our English-speaking friends have an advantage over the French... when they do not confuse everything. Because in French, there is still too often a confusion between an aroma and a flavour, so to speak.

From time immemorial, the aroma is the smell of an aromatic plant, of an aromatic plant.

And this is the reason why there is no aroma for a meat, or for a wine, because neither a meat nor a wine are aromatic plants.

There is a smell, when you smell the meat, or a retronasal smell when you chew it. But most of the time the eaters are not analytical, and they only perceive a "taste", a synthetic sensation that includes the smell, the retronasal odor, the consistency, etc.

And we call flavourings the preparations, sometimes wonderful, that we use to give taste to a dish.
For example, there are vanilla flavourings in every supermarket, strawberry flavourings added to yoghurts, for example.

And we must add that, for these products that are flavourings, there are good and bad ones: it is often a question of money, because the talent of the "formulators" is paid for, and the more complicated reproductions are often better judged. If you don't put a lot of money into it, then you often get a poor quality product.

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