dimanche 4 septembre 2022

Are cooks technicians or technologists? Les cuisiniers sont ils des techniciens ou des technologues ?

 Pour la réponse en français, voir : https://scilogs.fr/vivelaconnaissance/cuisinier-technicien-ou-technologue-ou-artiste/


And now in English


An important observation is to recognize that doing something (techne) is a technical work, whereas trying to improve the technique is technology. 

Also, art had many definitions, but it has something to do with emotions. 

And this preliminary  observations can be summarized with : 

Rembrandt was an artist

A wall painter is a technician. 


With this in hands, it should be clar that, for cooks : 

-  some of them are craftpersons, as they do technique primarily (the repeat protocols, they do not innovate really) ; mind that, in this category, you have the "art craftperson", repeating but with more emphasis on beauty than others)

- some of them are artists (their dishes are for the mind, not the body)

Now, cooks who would try to improve the culinary technique would be technologists, but if a person is spending his/her time at improving culinary techniques, he/she is a technologist... and no longer a cook.

All this is discussed in my books :
1. Cooking, a quintessential art
2. Cours de gastronomie moléculaire N°1 : science, technologique techniques culinaires.


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