jeudi 13 mai 2021

events to come


Dear Friends,

1. Happy to have met electronically yesterday so many friends, at our Scientific Lecture for the Publication of the Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy.

2. Thanks for the lecturers

3. Because we got more proposals of talks than slots in the Conference, the four co-editors of the Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy now organize another such event, the 30th of June : don't be shy, send proposal of oral presentations concerning the 3 parts of the book
Part I : science (molecular and physical gastronomy)
Part II : application of molecular and physical gastronomy in education
Part III : application of molecular and physical gastronomy in culinary art

And don't forget: before this new event :

1-3 June : 10th International Workshop on Molecular Gastronomy ; topic "suspensions" (and here again, you can propose to have oral presentation
4th June in the afternoon : Final Event of the 8th and 9th International Contest for Note by Note Cooking.

Have a nice Thursday

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