jeudi 27 février 2020

Some questions from Greece

When was Molecular gastronomy first applied in the kitchen? 
The question needs rephrasing, because there are two options :
1. when was molecular gastronomy done for the first time?
2. when was is "applied", i.e. when were the results of MG used in the kitchen?

And the answer is simple :
1. MG was done for the first time when it was named, i.e., in 1988, by me  and Nicholas Kurti.
This does not mean that we did not make anything before, on the contrary, but before the name was officially given, it was a "prehistory". And here, the prehistory began a long time ago, because the pharmacist Geoffroy, in the early 18th century, was already studying the chemistry of meat stock, for example.
By the way, forget Brillat-Savarin, because he was not a scientist, but a lawyer. And all what he writes is fiction, like in a novel. Even the osmazome has nothing to do with the real osmazome, a concept and a name given by the French chemist Jacques Thenard (an ethanol extract of meat).
Brillat-Savarin never studied cooking: he wrote a book. And he did not know anything about chemistry.

2. About application: indeed because the application of sciences is not science, but technology, I gave the name "molecular cooking" to this modern way of cooking, which is to use hardware from laboratories (chemistry) to cook. I promoted that since 1980, but I gave the name itself only in 1999, because there was much confusion between cooking and sciences (of nature), in particular between cooking and molecular gastronomy.

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