mardi 2 avril 2019

Today, received an email from a competitor for the International Contest for Note by Note cooking, and there was a question :

Question 1)
baking soda(Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium hydrogen carbonate)
liquid glucose
fruit powder(after freeze&dry and grind)
wheat flour
honey(=invert sugar)
juice from juice extractor
extract powder 
-> These 8 ingredients are all pure compounds? Can I use all of them for the contest?
-> If i can't use wheat flour, what's gonna be the best replacement for it?

Here are the answers :

- bicarbonate is indeed a pure compound

- "liquid glucose": sometimes its a mix of glucose and fructose, but sometimes it is really pure glucose in water

-fruit powder: this is clearly a mixture of compounds, not a pure one

- wheat flour : the is a complex mixture of amylose, amylopectine, proteins, and more ; instead, you can use gluten and corn starch (almost pure amylopectin)

- honey : contrary to what you write, this is not the same as invert sugar ; and this is certainly not a pure compound

For sure, you can use them, because the rules of the contest say only that the evaluation will be better with pure compounds instead of fractions, but the farther from pure compounds, the lower the evaluation.

But they was, you can easily make mixes of glucose, fructose and sucrose, if you need, and, as said, mix gluten (a mixture of gliadins and glutenins) and corn starch. For fruit powders, why not use cellulose, pectin, sugars, colorants and odorant compound, instead?

Courage !

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