dimanche 6 juin 2021

The results of the 8th and 9th International Contests for Note by Note Cooking


8th Contest

First Prize ex aequo :

Note by note Bitoque, by Bruno Moreira Leite and Rafael Henriques Antune


First Prize ex aequo :

Fizzy Apfelstrudel Cocktail Dessert, by Klara Cerk


Third Prize :

Pina Colada Cocktail and the pineappel shaped jellies, by Mathilde Gras


9th Contest

First Prize :

Tropical Layered Desert, Thiago da Costa Marques, see http://www2.agroparistech.fr/Dish-by-Thiago-da-Costa-Marques.html

Second Prize:

Pectin sphere rolled in popping candy powder, by-Simon-O-Callagnan,


Third Prize :

Fish-in-a-bag, by Niels-Nielsen


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